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OTS created the Board of Visitors (BoV) in 1992 as an external advisory group to broaden perspectives on matters confronting the organization. This group is composed of distinguished friends and colleagues from society, business, politics, NGOs, academics, and the environmental movement. The BoV complements the institutionally-designated Assembly of Delegates and the Board of Directors, but the latter two groups retain the legal and fiduciary responsibility for the consortium.

  • Karen Arras
  • John Aspinall
  • Luisa Black
  • Arnim Bonnemann
  • Paul Bornemisza
  • Myriam Bossuyt
  • Chris Davidson
  • Julie Denslow, Chair
  • Alejandro Filloy
  • Pablo Jenkins
  • Robert Kramer
  • Joe Levine
  • Tobey Miller
  • Jim Prager
  • Dick Smythe
  • Christiane Tyson
  • Martí Jiménez
  • Mauricio Salas
  • Deirdre Hyde
Emeritus Members
  • Pedro Leon
  • Gabriel Macaya
  • Marigold Murray de Genis
  • Jay Savage
  • Rodolfo Silva
  • Don Stone (In Memorium)
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