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Organization for Tropical Studies receives donation to improve infrastructure

$1.3 million from the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) program has been awarded to the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) and EARTH University to improve their facilities with the goal of reducing their environmental impacts.

These two institutions have a long working history with students, teachers and other universities, colleges, and research institutions from the United States, and now the donation that they receive from ASHA is a demonstration of the wish of my country to continue with this relation for the future”, said the United States Ambassador to Costa Rica, the Honorable S. Fitzgerald Haney.

This is the first time OTS has received a donation from ASHA. The donation of $621,000 will help to improve and renovate many aspects of the La Selva Research Station, and will help us reach our sustainability goals for the field station.

The renovation will allow getting more environmentally friendly technology. High efficiency Air Conditioners, solar water heaters, photovoltaic panels, doors and double pane windows are among the list of improvements. In addition to this, LED illumination replaces current conventional and fluorescent lighting. Illumination and electrical consumption is one of the largest operational costs of the station and one of its largest impacts on the environment. Water efficient toilets and sinks are also needed to reduce water use at the station. The construction of new space for scientific-educational use is yet another fundamental aspect addressed with the donation.

ASHA´s donation is an investment in the environment. The return on the “investment” is measured by monitoring the reduced consumption of water, energy, and other resources used with the new improvements. OTS will use the results of the monitoring to spread the sustainable building model. The goal is to educate visitors and students of the station, and the neighboring communities, as well as the country about the benefits of the new technology.  

This award aligns with the OTS Greening Initiatives goal, which plans to make more efficient and sustainable use of the physical, economical, and environmental resources that the research stations of this organization use. The donation also coincides with the OTS mission for conserving the environment.” says, Dr. Liana Babbar, OTS General Director in Costa Rica.

Photo: From left to right: Dr. Carlos de la Rosa (OTS La Selva Biological Station Director), The Honorable S. Fitzgerald Haney (U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica), and Dr. Liana Babbar (OTS General Director)

Last Updated ( 06/15/17 )
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